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Common Problems

Heel Pain

Heel pain is common among people who have occupations that require long periods of standing on hard surfaces, are overweight, wear poor footwear and who have rolled in arches.

Depending on the cause and the structures affected treatment usually involves stretches, footwear changes and specially prescribed orthotics to improve joint alignment and reduce tissue stress.






Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can be caused by a single event such as twisted ankle or repeated trauma such as when a person's arches roll in. Treatment is dependent on the cause of the pain and the needs of the person. Strategies may include strengthening and stability.

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are a common issue and often relate to the shape of the nail but can also be attributed to the way the nail is trimmed and footwear. Podiatrists can remove the offending piece of nail and in severe cases nail surgery to permanently change the curve of the nail and prevent further ingrown toenails may be required.


For more information please arrange an assessment and talk to one of our friendly podiatrists.



Diabetes can have a significant effect on the nerves and vessels of the body. Especially those of the feet. It is recommended that at least every 12 months anyone with diabetes needs to see their podiatrist for a foot health assessment to ensure any changes are detected early.


This can prevent the progression of changes further and serious complications such as wounds and amputation.











Ball of Foot Pain

Pain in the forefoot can be the result of wearing shoes that are too tight, limited ankle mobility and/or sports that involve pivoting on the forefoot such as netball, golf and cricket. To address these issues stretches may be needed, footwear changes and offloading.


In some cases x-rays may be needed to better understand the changes that are happening inside your feet.





If you are concerned about any of the above or have other concerns, please email

to book your appointment.

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